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Interview: Rona Keller ENGLISH

Ihr erinnert euch sicher an das Interview mit Rona Keller (hier), oder? Auf mehrere Anfragen hin, habe ich es jetzt (hoffentlich richtig) ins Englische übersetzt!
You may remember the Interview with Rona Keller (click here), don't you? There were requests, so I've translated it into english (I hope it's correct!)

How long have you had focused on photography? What was the cause?
I have always liked taking photos. Since summer 2007 I do it professionally. A girl called Lena Cramer had a link to her page posted in a forum. So I took notice of deviantART. In April 2008 I purchased a reflex camera. Since that day I tried and learned a lot.

Who or what motivates and inspires you?
Mostly it’s my own life, experiences, feelings or thoughts. It’s very important to me to capture the moment and how I am at this moment. So I like self-portraits, because they have a story to tell about me. And this is what motivates me. Each time, when I’m taking a new picture, I try to put in more and more of my personality. But of course other people are a motivation, too. Those who look at my works and those I can touch with my photos.

Is there a special place where you can focus on your work best? Where’s your favourite place to take pictures?
Out in nature. When I walk out with my camera, there’s always a picture to take. But this happens rarely the last time. When I was unmotivated last year (during my „100 days of summer“project), I just took my camera and stepped out into nature to relax. And somehow I always took a great photo. It’s changing something inside me when I break out of familiar surroundings. Out in nature everything is easygoing. In former days I loved stepping out into nature to forget the stress at school by taking pictures (It was during my 52-Weeks-project).

Is there a favourite motif?
My friends. I love taking pictures of them or of us with my analogous camera. So it keeps in mind and great memorabilia is created.

Are you arranging your photos? Or do you prefer taking pictures “random”?
Both. With my analogous camera I am documenting everything. My life and my daily experiences. But I also write down feelings and ideas and not until weeks later I think about how I could express it in photographs. I do this to have a memorabilia of feelings I once had. So self-portraits can also express relations to other people even if no one but me is shown.

Which photo is your favourite?
This one:

It’s a good example for what I’ve just explained. This picture is about an idea I had when I was 15. But the photo was taken when I was 19. The reason why I love it is that it’s a mixture of facts (my favourite shoes, a beautiful field, the light and the typical “headless” motive) and personal memories. This text explains my feelings about this picture:

we were fifteen and we spent time together until it got light outside and we drank your self made and I didn't notice I liked you in that kind of way

What means art to you?
Art is my personal way to express what I couldn’t say for so long. Since I’ve started to write a text about each picture, my ability to talk to others about myself and my feelings improved. This was different before. I always used art to digest things, to remember or to forget. I am fascinated by the different facets of photography and I love trying new things. This can help me in my own life as well as in photography.

Do you have an idol?
Especially peer photographers I know from flickr oder deviantART. I’ve a lot of favourites and it’s getting more every day. At the moment I like
Kitty Gallannaugh, Laura Zalenga, Felicia Simion, Marta Bevacqua and Noukka Signe to name just a few.

What are your hobbies other than photography?
I love spending time with my friends. Furthermore I’m mad about snowboarding. And I go jogging regularly. I also like my trampoline. And of course I love languages. So I try to improve my skills by writing/talking/reading in french and english.

What are your plans for the next time referring to your photography?
I want to focus on the ideas I wrote down during the five month I spent in
france as an au pair. There are lots of ideas but I’m too unmotivated at the moment. So at first I want to break through. And there are still photos from france left which I want to show and explain in a blogpost. Furthermore I wanna use my digital camera more often. Nothing makes me happier than a photograph reflecting me. So there are not really projects planned for the next time, but there’s the wish to spend every minute to take a picture and to get back my inspiration.

What are your tips for a photography beginner?
In my mind there’s just one answer: taking photos! Taking photos of everything you see and you like. And one day you’ll know what you WANT to photograph. If this is case: focus on your idea to develop and improve it.

Pictures: © Rona Keller
(deviantART, facebook, flickr)

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